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Angels in America

Interview by Todd Moe for the local NCPR radio with Karen Kirkham Lordi and Trui Malten .

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The Pendragon theatre is a small but thriving venue in what used to be the local car mechanics' shop in Saranac Lake, upstate New York. Karen had spent many summers there and was asked to do Angels for their 25 year anniversary.

It was quite an undertaking to fit a play that moves from New York penthouses through hospital scenes to Antarctica and the Central park Bethesda Fountain in such a small space. Not only that, but the Pendragon plays their summer season in rotating rep, so everything needed to be flexible in that sense too.

We decided on a number of scrim curtains that could create bigger and smaller spaces, with minimum set pieces to indicate location.

Pendragon 2006 Angels in America Director Karen Kirkham
Angels In America

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