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GO - Mang Kahele

"Game for two" - Vanemuine Opera Theater, Tartu, Estonia

Composer Lepo Sumera

Choreographer & Director Teet Kask

Musical Director & Conductor Erki Pehk

Soloists: Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano) and Eva-Maria Sumera (violin)

Vanemuine symphony orchestra

Set & Costumes Madis Nurms

Lighting Designer Trui Malten


Dancers: Hayley Blackburn, Yukako Horita, Kristina Markevičiute, Maria Engel, Julia Litvinenko, Alicia Nelson, Raminta Rudžionyte, Jacob Hoover, Colin Maggs, Brandon Alexander, Samuel Lawman, Anthony Maloney, Benjamin Kyprianos, Alain Divoux


Video by Kalju Nugin and Rita Raud

Excerpts of the beautiful ballet choreographed by the Estonian choreographer Teet Kask. The music is by composer Lepo Sumera. It is enormously varied, from minimalist to epic, sometimes grand and sometimes very humoristic. We had the privilege of working with the daughters of the composer, Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano) and Eva-Maria Sumera (violin) who played life on stage. Madis Nurms, the set and costume designer gave me a big challenge with an open space and platforms on many different levels.








Opera Studio Nederland - Dutch & Belgium tour

Libretto Luc Bondy.

Composer Philippe Boesmans.

Director Harry Kupfer.

Orchestra De bezetting Speelt.

Conductor Winfried Maczewski.


With: Tina Dietzsch, Charles Hens, Karin Strobos, Fabio Trumpy, Daphne Ramakers, Pierre Mak, Barbara Kozelj, Pascal Pittie, Marijje van Stralen, Roger Smeets.


Costumes Yan Tax / Lisa Spooren.

Set Niels Mathot.

Lighting Design Trui Malten.

Assistent-director Jim Lucassen.

Artistieke leiding Opera Studio Nederland: Hans Nieuwenhuis / Winfried Maczewski.


Video rights: Hans Hijmering

The opera Reigen (1993) is based on the play La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler. It offers a shocking and sometimes hilarious picture of the hunt for sexual entertainment and the hangover that follows. Reigen is a kaleidoscope of emotions; tragic, humorous and melancholy scenes alternate. 


The opera was performed by singers from the Opera Studio Netherlands, who are at the beginning of their international careers.

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