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Live Poetry Jukebox

My Heart, My Heart: 

Live Poetry Jukebox

My Heart, My Heart: Live Poetry Jukebox, developed with performer Adie Mueller, is an interactive installation that combines poetry, visual art and performance. It consists of a ‘library’ of jars, containing miniature artworks, each expressing a feeling or idea connected to a poem. Audiences are invited to look at the jars, choose one they feel particularly drawn to and listen to a live performance of the poem.


The jars are displayed on illuminated shelves. These are usually set up in our beautiful sky-and-cloud tent, but can also be adapted to small, intimate indoor spaces, such as lifts, beach huts, broom cupboards, or any other small spaces or hidden corners.


The poems are all about human experience, about the things we all live through - expressed in the writer’s words and the artist’s and performer’s interpretation of these words. Audiences engage with the installation one-to-one or in small groups of two to three - the whole experience takes about five minutes. The installation offers moments of beauty, calm, contemplation, respite, reflection and reassurance.

Please follow this link to the Live Poetry Jukebox

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